Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture

Northern River, 1915, Tom Thomson

Did you know?….

Did you know that Oxtongue Lake, has played a significant role in Canadian art history? If you replied “no,” you would not be alone. But for the efforts of some enthusiastic residents, cottagers, businesses and artists, this story might never have come to be known.  See below some of the areas where you can view their findings.

There is probably an image of Oxtongue Lake or the Oxtongue River in every major gallery in Canada.

Bob Hilscher

OLAC’s Origins

A group of community members came together in early 2013 to lay the groundwork for a plan to inform the community about an opportunity to develop and promote Tom Thomson,  A.J. Casson and The Group of Seven connections to the Oxtongue Lake area. It became clear that this history could be used to enlighten the broader public, generate enthusiasm in the local community, and put Oxtongue Lake on the artistic map.

This group is the Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture (OLAC). 

For an article written by Ron Craig, in Kabin Magazine in Spring 2023


OLAC’s mission is about celebrating and highlighting the ongoing connection of art, community and the beautiful environment surrounding Oxtongue Lake.  Please look at some of the things we would like to promote around Oxtongue.

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Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Outdoor Exhibit

This outdoor exhibit, located at the Oxtongue Lake Community Centre, is designed to showcase the connection between the Oxtongue Lake community and the illustrations that the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson created depicting the area.  Come on out and read about the painters and their work in the area.

“Painting The Wilderness of the Oxtongue - One River, One Lake, Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven”

Take a journey with Bob Hilscher, an award-winning film producer, and his wife Jean along the Oxtongue waterway near Algonquin Park in Ontario.  It was here, beginning in 1912, that Tom Thomson, along with Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer, Frederick Varley and A.J. Casson, began to paint the Canadian landscape.  Joan Murray, Canada’s leading art scholor when it comes to Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, brings history alive as she relates the challenges faced by Thomson and the future Group of Seven members in the film “Painting The Wilderness of the Oxtongue.”

Bob Hilscher is an award-winning documentary film producer with more then 35 years experience to his credit. He is currently a photojournalist and producer with True North Film Productions. Prior to working for True North Film Productions, Bob was a photojournalist and producer for CBC News: The National, based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has filmed documentaries both inside Canada and around the world.

The premiere of this film was held at the Algonquin Theatre, Huntsville, June 27, 2015.


OLAC can always use your support in donations, volunteer help or even your stories and history.

Please denote in the memo field proceeds are for OLAC