The Oxtongue Lake Dam


Dating at least back to 1962 (as documented by the first minutes of the OLA), water levels have been a concern to the local community.  Water levels on Oxtongue Lake are subject to fluctuations in the summer that affect shoreline access and the use of docks. A large portion of the upstream watershed lies within Algonquin Park and is regulated by a series of dams; however, flows arising in the uncontrolled portion of the watershed, including the Oxbow Creek drainage area can be significant. Periodically, the OLA in consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources replace stones displaced by the spring runoff of water and ice at the outlet of the Lake. The purpose is to maintain a stable summer lake level of about 363.8 metres above sea level. We respectfully ask everyone not to tamper with dam so that we can try to maintain that agreed upon lake level.


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