Required Information for Adding an Event

We would like to encourage anyone to submit an event for free to include on our website. If you check off that you would like to receive RSVP’s it is important to note, that we will only be able to collect RSVP’s from our back end of the system and do not in anyway want to suggest that we will update you daily on the numbers.  We will respond to you after this request and between us both we can determine the best course of action that is reasonable for both parties.  We also recommend that you regard RSVP’s as a loose idea of numbers, as there is no way to add the number of people within one RSVP and a family may not individually RSVP unless you specify.  Developments are underway for RSVP improvements. Information required:
  • Contact name and phone number/email (not to be published but for our own clarifications)
  • Organization Hosting the event
  • Website of Organization hosting, if desired
  • Event Name
  • Website of Event, if applicable
  • Date and time of the event
  • Short description (include any contact information to be published).
  • Cost
  • Venue Location, with full address for a google map (some venues will be saved for future use).
  • Include a featured picture, if desired
  • RSVP – yes or no
    • if yes, does this include the general public and not just our members/boosters: yes or no
  We suggest you copy and paste the required information above into the below contact form to ensure you have captured everything.

Adding an Event

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