Your Support Matters!

And not just from cottagers and residents!

The Oxtongue Lake Association’s (OLA) mission is to help protect our lake in all respects, serve as both a central resource and a voice for the community, and help resolve any problems and concerns of its members.  It exists to unite us all for the enhancement and enjoyment of Oxtongue Lake.

Become an OLA Booster

As a “Booster” you will stay up to date with our quarterly E-blasts and E-lerts and be informed of the events and issues affecting the community.

Become an OLA Member

There is always strength in numbers and we all benefit from the Association’s community voice and lake stewardship.  This means we encourage anyone to become Members.  We need you by our side all the time, not just when it matters to you!  Many people feel that anyone using Oxtongue Lake should be a member of the OLA, and should have a community obligation to join.


We encourage you to donate to the Association at any time.  If instead, you would prefer to donate specifically to Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture (OLAC), or the Algonquin Snowmobile Club (ASC), just write the name of the organization in the message field when you fill out the donation information and your money will be forwarded appropriately.

All major credit cards and Paypal accounts are accepted.

Volunteer for Events or Committees

Read up on the various committees and find something that interests you!  The committees always need helping hands at events.

Don't Be Shy

Feel free to drop us a line anytime.