Although we had no new merchandise at the Regatta this year as we cleared out old inventory, we do have something special this year to offer our community.  We have a Limited Edition Oxtongue Lake Logo hoodie by Happiness Is Inc.  ( All proceeds support the Oxtongue Lake Association (OLA).
While it may seem unimportant, the OLA is the very foundation for the lake’s strong community voice.  Unfortunately, it is that “thing” that just exists and is easy to forget or ignore, until we need it.  Our relationship with the township, with the local community groups and with the community of Oxtongue itself is the glue to our lake – in fact, many of our community groups have sprung from the OLA.  We do, however,have administrative costs, like insurance, maintenance of the website, etc.  Our main sources of funds are memberships and, in more recent years, the sale of t-shirts and other merchandise at the Regatta.  We continue to need your support on an annual basis to cover these costs.  So, even if you don’t want to purchase a limited edition hoodie (what a great xmas gift to that pre-teen/teen you never know what to buy!), we encourage you to renew your membership. It is $30 and is well spent.
Please pay directly here for your membership (it’s much easier to do it annually through PayPal and you do not need to have an account to use a credit card), or here to read more about and buy the hoodie.  (Please note there is a limited inventory so it is best to purchase early).
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Andrea Armstrong
President of the Oxtongue Lake Association