Did you know our lakes are being polluted this very second? All trees and shrubs around the shoreline are actually helping lakes. The roots of trees and shrubs are like barriers to the lake from the pollution carried in dirt, sand and grass. Trees and shrubs are like natures water filters. They also support insects, frogs, birds, mammals and fish. Did you know that 90% of lake life is born raised and fed around the shoreline?! Shorelines are very important to the lakes, to keep the water clean and for the animals.

Lakes are important to people because there are fish and lots more animals that we can eat in the water. A bigger reason lakes are important, is that we drink the water from lakes. Finally we admire the beautiful scenery of the lakes view and enjoy swimming and other water sports. If we want nice lakes then we have to protect the shoreline.

We want people to stop polluting. Also people should stop making big wakes with their boats because they ruin the shoreline. We also want people to plant natural shrubs and trees at the shore (and don’t cut down trees either).

Blake Armstrong

(Parents note: this article has been written entirely by a 10 year old as part of a class assignment to create awareness to help a living thing.  This living thing could be an animal, person or the environment.  It was a great choice of his, as shorelines help all three and is something important for everyone on Oxtongue to remember).