Nothing quite like taking in the fresh air as you go for a walk, run or cycle down Harris Road.  There is also nothing quite like driving on a country road as the city stresses vanish.  But we share the road, and we need to be respectful of everyone.

This means drivers need to ensure they are travelling at a safe speed on Harris Road.  Some concerned people along the road, have noticed that it appears drivers are getting faster and faster and they are fearful of their own safety.   There is no need to travel at these speeds, and excuses, if there is ever an accident, won’t be enough.  Not only do you have to watch for pedestrians but other drivers as well, particularly around the sharp corners.  It’s easy to have a lead foot, and it’s easy when driving to not realize the speed our vehicles appear to pedestrians, so regularly check your speed.  The speed limit is 40km.

We also need to ensure that as pedestrians/cyclists we use common sense as well.  Turn iPods down to a low volume so that cars travelling can be heard, allowing you enough time to move out of the way. Stay alert and wear bright or reflective clothing in dusk or dark hours.

So as a friendly reminder, please share the road, and drive slowly and safely!