The summer has just begun and it’s time remember that we need to respect our neighbours in many different ways.

1.  Music, even at a low volume, travels far and loudly across the water.  What might seem as an acceptable level from where you are sitting, could actually be extremely loud to your neighbour across the lake.

  • While we can all love a good party on occasion, every weekend, day or night, is not occasionally;
  • Keep the music at a very low volume as the night progresses but remember daytime music can also be very disturbing;
  • Don’t forget this applies to boats carrying music as well.

2.  Boat & personal watercraft waves, besides potentially harming wildlife on the shore, also disturbs neighbours.  It can cause docks to go up and down excessively while people are on them, and personal beaches to erode.  Boats are getting bigger and bigger and with that comes bigger waves.

  • Tube, wakeboard, ski and use your personal watercraft in different parts of the lake;
  • Maintain your distance from docks and shore, particularly when tubing, wake boarding, skiing and using your personal watercraft;
  • The river, any narrow area and shoreline are no wake zones.

3.  Beaches and rafts are private.

  • While we all want to help out someone who is tired from a paddle, beaches and rafts are not meant to be stopping points and definitely not for a picnic (without permission).
  • Don’t forget this applies to fisherman as well!  Your favourite spot might be near someone’s dock, so just remember that you are close to their personal space.


Please remind your house guests as well how their actions affect your neighbours.

Have another reminder?  Let the OLA know.