Just had to repost this….I think I nodded my head to just about every thing on this list!  Enjoy!

There Is Nothing Like Summertime At The Lake

Haley Spalding in The List on Mar 29, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you have spent every summer at the lake, on the boat, fishing off the dock, tanning, and skiing. When it starts getting warm, the first thought that crosses your mind is, “man I wish I was at the lake,” and the worst time of year is when you pull the boat out for the winter.

Here’s a list of things that are true if you’ve spent your summers on the water:

1. You know how to bait a hook. DUH.

2. You’re no longer scared of ticks. You still hate them, but you check when you shower at the end of the day.

3. Even though you’ve been told a thousand times, you still don’t wear shoes on the dock. Honestly, splinters aren’t that big of a deal, but the dock does get really hot!

4. You’ve had to swim the boat or jet ski back to the dock because it broke down. You probably forgot to put the plugs in, need to change the spark plugs, hit the kill switch on accident or have a dead battery. It happens.

5. You know the best time to ski is after 4:00 when the water is smooth as glass. When everyone else on the water goes in for dinner, you’re itching to get on the skis.

6. You’re an expert at spotting the water patrol. “Hide your drinks and don’t point!”

7. You can tie just about any kind of knot. Tying off boats to the cleats on the dock is something that you know how to do like a prof.

8. There’s no tube ride you can’t survive. Donuts, figure eights and having a mouth full of water are the usual when you go tubing. You may be sore and bruised, but you can bet you’ll be tubing tomorrow anyways.

9. You know the names of everyone at the closest marina. The marina isn’t just a place to get gas.

10. You know exactly where Party Cove is. And it’s the place to be!

11. You have a boat hat. This is your go-to hat. It’s most likely faded from the sun and fits just right.

12. You learned how to drive a boat before you knew how to drive a car. And the permit test to get your boating license was much harder than the one for your driver’s license was.

13. There is nothing prettier than sunset on the lake. A sunset over the water never gets old.

14. “Checking the prop” is a phrase that doesn’t need to be explained. If someone doesn’t know what that means, they shouldn’t be at the lake.

15. Being on the boat when it starts to rain is PURE TORTURE. You may as well be being pelted by BB guns.

16. Who needs a shower when you can just bring your shampoo down to the dock? Am I right or am I right?

17. You have most likely lost something of importance to the lake. This is most likely your sunglasses, wallet, or phone, but never your keys because you’ve put a floatation device on them.

18. When the sun goes down, it means it’s time for a fire. The smell of fire is practically unavoidable at the lake. S’mores are without question part of any weekend at the lake.

19. Waking up early to go fishing is always a good idea, the night before anyways. It takes some serious dedication to wake up early to fish, it’s always worth it, but always a struggle.

20. There is a “right” side of the lake to be on. Just like the road is split down the middle, so is the lake. Newbies don’t know this and are usually driving on the wrong side of the lake.

21. The boaters that don’t wave back probably haven’t been going to the lake for long. That, or they’re just rude. Everyone does the boaters wave!

22. You’ve learned to wear cheap sunglasses on the boat or invest in a pair of “Croakies.” The wind can whip your sunglasses right off your face!

23. You know how to hook up a trailer. After watching your dad or mom do it for years, you’ve got it down to a science.

24. You’d never admit it, but you totally have a favorite spot on the boat. It is unspoken that this is your spot even though everyone knows, but when you have a guest, you willingly give it up.

25. The weight limit on the boat is a suggestion. “We have room! Hop on in!”

26. You can never get “bored” at the lake. Who needs WiFi?

27. You know where all the best cliff jumping spots are. If you aren’t the one jumping, you’re the one hollering from the boat!

28. You’re always jealous of those people with the really loud speakers on their boats. You turn it up as loud as you can on your boat, though!

29. You don’t mind when fish start to nip at your feet. You may even like it?!

30. You keep a fishing pole on the boat at all times. There’s never a bad time to fish!

Let the countdown to boating season begin!