It has been brought to our attention about an issue experienced within the Algonquin Highlands Township that has effectively rendered the Township powerless to stop an inappropriate commercial septic waste dump.   Due to the legalities involved most of the discussions have been in closed sessions until now.  While it does not directly affect Oxtongue Lake, it can have an impact on us in the future as it touches on the environment, lake-health, human health, use, enjoyment and value of property and the ability of our Municipalities to enforce the Bylaws that protect us from inappropriate activities. The Maple,Beech, and Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners’ Association (MBC), within which this dumping site exists, has written to the Premier and Federation of Cottagers Association (FOCA) to assist them and the Township.  At this point, the OLA has just learned of the outcomes and we are providing information on the current situation to our members as promptly as we received them.  We will monitor the issue and determine at an executive meeting if any letters on our behalf can be of assistance to the township and our fellow association.

Please read the press release dated February 17, 2016, issued by Algonquin Highlands for a very interesting read on the issue at hand.  Also attached is the letter from the MBC to FOCA.

Press Release

Letter to FOCA