AGM Minutes 2018

Minutes of the 55thAnnual General Meeting

Oxtongue Lake Association

Friday, August 10, 2018, 9:30 am  

Oxtongue Lake Community Centre

  1.  Call to Order and Opening Remarks.  Andrea Armstrong called the meeting to order. Andrea introduced members of the Executive:  herself as President, Scott Hayden as Vice President, Brian Lambert as Treasurer, Laura Embree as Secretary, Brandi Bailey, Rick Linklater, Tom Smith and John Lawrence.  
  2. Approval of the Agenda.  Motion to approve the Agenda for the present meeting:  proposed by Frank Tizel; seconded by Jan Woods.
  3. Approval of Minutes.  Motion to approve the Minutes from the 2017 meeting:  proposed by Brandi Bailey; seconded by Chris Woods.
  4. President’s Report.  Andrea Armstrong thanked the many Oxtongue Lake volunteers who contribute so much to the well-being and spirit of the community.   Tom Smith will map out a door-to-door walk to encourage all of our neighbours to participate in membership.  Andrea will revisit our website to ensure we are up to date with our technology.  
  5. Treasurer’s Report.  Brian Lambert presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The Association received, membership fees of $1550 and the regatta made $756.    Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report:  proposed by Jim Rowan; seconded by Ted Blackman.  Carried. 
  6. Township Council Report.  Brian Lynch thanked the Association for the Canada Day event.  There has been 0.5% increase in policing costs which is good as we are at the new base level and will protest any hefty increases.  Next fall a new pavilion will be built at the recreation centre (funded by the Township).  RFPs will be going out this month and construction is anticipated to be complete in October.  The Township also received main street funding – enhancements may be done depending on how much funds are available.  The hazardous waste drop-off is tomorrow (Aug 11/18) at the dump.    A Septic System Re-Inspection Program will be arriving in the Oxtongue area in 2021.  Only one system failed the original inspections in 2017 although some needed remediation.  This could save homeowners money in the long run and will help to maintain good water quality.  There was a question as to whether there is a way to regulate the water levels, so that they don’t rise so quickly.  It was indicated that the variation in water levels is good for the wetlands (but don’t leave objects out on the beach) and will happen more and more due to climate change.  After Labour Day, dams are open so an increase in water levels should be expected.  A new bridge on the Beetle Lake trail is in the works – a reserve is being built up and it has not been forgotten, although Brian can’t say whether it will be built this year or next year. There was a suggestion that rocks be put in the water so that people can walk across, although this was flagged as both an environmental issue as well as a liability issue for the Township.
  7. Guest Report by Jamie Schmale,MP Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock.  Thanks to Ward Councillor Marlene Kyle who has done a great job.  This is the most northern part of the riding of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes, but it is the most famous due to the Group of Seven, Algonquin Park and businesses such as Algonquin Outfitters, the hotels and the natural beauty.  An application has been before the federal government for 1½ years now to get high-speed internet to the area.  Once this gets approved, it will get greatly improve our capacity for data and improve jobs and the economy.  The Trent Severn has a website that sends out alerts when there is a change in water levels – taxpayers can sign up for these alerts on the MNR website.  Jamie S. then thanked the Association for the opportunity to attend the meeting and indicated that he left TimBits at the back of the room for all to enjoy.
  8. Guest Report re the Volunteer Fire Department.  Mike Cavanagh, Fire Chief Algonquin Highlands, presented a report.  Oxtongue Station 70 has 14 members, receives 17 calls a year and 250 calls a year for the whole municipality.  There is currently a burning ban – no daytime (7am to 7pm) burning without an open air permit.  In Algonquin Park there is no burning at all.  In the Province, there were 126 active forest fires.  It is important to ensure that fire alarms are checked monthly and are replaced every 10 years.  Fires burn quickly and people need to get out within 10 minutes.   There is an exemption for cooking and warmth, but the goal is to reduce the number of fire deaths. There is further information on the Fire Department’s website – any open air burning including charcoal is banned, but not propane BBQs.  While propane “rings” are technically allowed, the Fire Department asks that they not be used as they look like an open flame and nothing outside with a flame is allowed.  The 
    “burning bylaw sheet” is currently being updated.  They are always looking for new members, ideally would like around 20.  
    Check smoke detectors with actual smoke once or twice a year, (but don’t stand on a chair with something that is on fire such as a match).  Change carbon monoxide detectors every 7 years.  The damage was too severe to the Daisy Trail cottage to determine a cause of the fire.  The digital radio system is working well.  Thank you to all the volunteer firefighters on the Lake. 
  9. Cottage Watch Report.  Paul Bailey indicated that there was no spring meeting this year but there will likely be one in October.   Paul also said that he will be talking to the OPP this week to deal with the bridge issue in October and thanked Marlene who is instrumental in dealing with it.  Paul also indicated that there is an increased OPP presence in the area and that they are not always giving out tickets but sometimes only cautions.  There was some snowmobile trail mischief but the OPP spoke with the individual involved and are assured it won’t happen again.  Noise complaints have diminished lately, but Paul asked for feedback.  If you see something suspicious, take a picture and call 911.   Andrea thanked Paul for bridging the gap between the police and our community.
  10.  Events Report.  Brandi Bailey reported that Sandra Rogers at the Township was on top of events.  We received a $2000 grant to fund the bouncy castle and attendants, and BBQ fun house, face painting, drum circle and cupcakes for the Canada Day party. Attendance was good and next year will let everyone know that the bouncy castle can be for everyone.  There will be a adults vs. kids game and tape to tree event.  Suggestion is to time the events so people can be there when they want to attend specific events.   Sandra also supplied hot dogs and s’mores and wood for the bonfire event in July.  Attendance was not high, likely because of the weather, so we may want to promote it next year or schedule it on a weekend (although this year the Wednesday date was mandated by the Township as part of its Wednesday programming) and the firemen were there.   The later time frame (8-10 pm) maybe didn’t work for the younger kids (try 7-9 pm). Bailey also gave the report on the Regatta since the commodore, Ryan Armstrong, is currently working at Algonquin Outfitters.   The Regatta was a great success and raised $975 for the OLA.  Thanks to Oxtongue Lake Cottages, Blue Spruce, Lakewoods, Parkway, Algonquin Outfitters, Dwight Market, Happiness Is Inc., Erica’s, Lobo’s for pizza sales and all the volunteers. Radford Dalton won the men’s division and Casey Pratt and Shannon Rowan tied for the women’s.   Ryan A. will be the commodore again next year. Andrea will do another order for t-shirts and there is a sheet in the back on which you can place an order – all proceeds go to the OLA.
  11. Lake Steward Report. Dan Krause gave the report – thanks to Tom Smith for bringing him on board.  Dan is a conservation biologist and has been with the Nature Conservancy of Canada for 5 years.  The Nature Conservancy of Canada is Canada’s largest nature charity and partners with the federal government which will match funds that come in through private donations.  It leads conservation strategies and protects the environment.   Dan thanked Tom for bringing him on board.   Collection samples of lake water are given to the Minster of the Environment for testing for water quality   The Ministry looks for phosphorus (from fertilizer) as an indicator of water quality. It is consistently around 6pp (10pp is too high).    Pike and large-mouth/rock bass are invasive species and should be eaten if caught. Slime has been building up due to warmer temperatures.  Water clarity hasn’t changed much over the years.   Snapping turtles are the janitors of the lake and should be encouraged. 
  12. Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture.   Chris Woods reported that they held a successful event last September with indoor events at the Community Centre.  Thanks to the all the volunteers – it was a good promotion of the Arts.  There was also a speaker series with a talk on the Group of Seven, which was a great presentation with a good turn-out.  On Wednesday, there will be a photography exhibition featuring Ontario though the photographic medium.   Algonquin Outfitters held a paddle painting competition last year and OLAC got some of the funds that were raised and they will likely do this again in 2019.  The paddles were very creative (one was made into a guitar).
  13. Re-election and Election of Board Members. Andrea Armstrong asked that membership forms be completed with current addresses and contact information.  It was noted that the current by-laws require an executive of 8 but that a motion had been made to increase the number to 9 so that there is an odd number to eliminate the risk of a tied vote.  Proposed by Rick and seconded by Frank.  The motion was carried.  Since all current members of the executive were willing to serve another year, the Executive is comprised of:  Andrea Armstrong, Scott Hayden, Brian Lambert, Laura Embree, Rick Linklater, Tom Smith, Brandi Bailey and John Lawrence.  Motion to elect/re-elect the slate and elect Dan Krause as the new ninth member:  proposed by Paul Baily; seconded by Jany Tizel.  Carried.  
  14.   Adjournment.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.   Motion to adjourn:  proposed by Rick Linklater and seconded by Frank Tizel.   Carried.