FOCA wants to ensure we don’t “love our lakes to death” and as such has looked to the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in determining what those thresholds are, and how we might measure and enact limits.  For a visual essay on the subject click here: Visual Essay.

Ontario’s existing Lake Capacity Model (LCM) has a limited practical applicability for much of Ontario’s lake geography and as an initial first step in evaluating the future options, the OMECC recently commissioned a report entitled Review and Analysis of Existing Approaches for Managing Shoreline Development on Inland Lakes.  This report will review the best practices of a number of Canadian and US jurisdictions to consider as a part of a possible new Ontario approach to managing shoreline development.  FOCA will be reviewing and commenting on this report on behalf of it’s members and the OLA will obtain a copy of the report.  Read FOCA’s article here.