After a very successful art show, unveiling and fundraiser at the Oxtongue Lake Artist’s Day in September of 2014, the Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture committee put their thinking caps on to see what could be done in 2015. After Bob Hilscher confirmed that his feature-length video “Painting the Wilderness of the Oxtongue” would be ready for release in the spring, the answer was obvious: have a movie premiere in Huntsville, ideally at the beautiful Algonquin Theatre, where Tom Thomson greets every visitor (or at least it is Tom in the form of life-sized sculpture).

While the idea was relatively easy to come up with, the planning required a lot of work and the event was the main focus of biweekly meetings over the winter and spring of 2015. The theatre was booked for June 27, just before the busy summer show schedule. A big boost came in April, when local writer and entertainer Peter Jennings agreed to include the premiere into his popular series, “Be My Guest.” Eight artists were confirmed for the Kindred Spirits art exhibit in the theatre’s Partner’s Hall.

With a near-capacity crowd, the evening surpassed all expectations and Bob’s film received a standing ovation. There was an excellent representation of the Oxtongue Lake community, as well as residents and cottagers for around Muskoka and Haliburton. Peter Jennings from Be My Guest provided a very interesting Q & A after the film with Janine Marson and Bob Hilscher. The OLAC committee would like to express heartfelt thanks to the audience for their appreciation, the volunteers who helped with setup and logistics and the Kindred Spirits artists group. Special thanks are due to Janine Marson for sharing her story of artistic inspiration and Bob Hilscher for creating and sharing his wonderful documentary film.

DVD copies of “Painting the Wilderness of the Oxtongue” are available for $30 at local businesses around Oxtongue Lake and Huntsville. For more information, please contact