2010 Oxtongue Watershed Report

Please see the following for a report card on our Oxtongue Rivers subwatershed from the Muskoka watershed division.  We got an “A” for land and a “B” for water. Oxtongue River Watershed

Time to Work on the Dam – 2010

SEPTEMBER 2010 — TIME TO WORK ON THE DAM As many of you will have noticed, the lake level has been exceptionally low for a long period this summer. Two members of the Executive recently visited the dam at the outlet of the lake and found that a number of the rocks...

Biodiversity Video

March 2010 —  A video for Biodiversity – 2010 is The International Year of Biodiversity – Our World Ontario. Our Lake Steward, Ben Teskey, is lining up speakers for the upcoming summer

Uranium and Local Mining Issues

YouTube clips of Anti-Uranium rally in Queen’s Park speaker Elizabeth May Green Peace Speaker Shawn Stensil speaker Robert Lovelace speaker Lorraine Reckmans speaker Susanne Lauten Articles, letters and information on the proliferation of mining in Southern...

Ontario Lakes for the Future

________________________________________________ Read up on the Invading Species Awareness Program 2008 Oxtongue Lake Monitoring Results from the Ontario Lakes for the Future Program “We’re all downstream” Ecologist’s motto Photo by Dan Reed Ontario Lakes For the...